A Short Guide to Glasgow 2

A Short Guide to Glasgow

A Short Guide to Glasgow 3

One of the great advantages of the West Highland Way is the start of it is so close to Glasgow. Most people when they consider traveling to Scotland, don’t automatically think of Glasgow, normally Edinburgh. Now I will not take away from Edinburgh, it is a very pretty city. But Glasgow has heart.

Glasgow nearly had its heart ripped out through modernization. The ship yards went, steel mills closed, coal mines that surrounded the city shut down, the city was about to close; all thought the city was dead, and buried.

But no. Glasgow like many British cities has revived itself. It is now a clean, safe place to walk and visit. My friends when visiting the city for the first time are amazed as to how clean the city is and how friendly the people are. The glasgow wit is not charming, it is cutting and fast paced, it can almost sound like people are ready to fight and can take a little getting used to, as they burst out laughing in the middle of the harsh wit.

But what to see and do?

The Horseshoe Bar – the longest single unbroken bar in the world. The link will show it on a map. Good place to eat and have a local pint.

Glasgow Museums – This is a site containing all the museums and art Galleries in Glasgow. My favorites are the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the Transport Museum right across the road, and then at the other side of the city The Burrell Collection. There are 13 Museums in Glasgow and entry to them all is free.

Shopping – you may not want to do this at the start of your journey, but Glasgow has great shopping streets and the famous Barras Market which is on every Saturday and Sunday.

Lastly Glasgow has the second oldest underground in Britain and the third oldest in the world, it is one single loop, an easy way to get around and see parts of Glasgow.

For a relaxing day just get into the city center and wander. There are tourist guides on the street, you will see them dressed in red water proof jackets with the Glasgow City logo on them. You can just ask these wardens for direction for anything in the city, a great idea, and they act as litter wardens also.

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