When is the Best Time to Walk West Highland Way

When is the Best Time to Walk West Highland Way 1

Walking the West Highland Way poses different challenges at different times of the year, however it is a great walking holiday route and as the result of this it is very popular. Winter This is not for the novice, faint hearted or inexperienced walker. People die on the mountains during the winter. It is easy … Read more

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Travel in Scotland and the Start of the WHW

Getting to Milngavie, the start point for the West Highland Way, from Glasgow is very easy – it is only twenty minutes from the center of Glasgow by train. Alternatively walk to Milngavie it is a fairly easy walk, and a relaxing first day; see routes page for more information. The train takes 24 minutes … Read more

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Planning for the West Highland Way

Planning for the West Highland Way 2

Experience required Time Money No great level of experience is required for walking the West Highland Way, and no high level of fitness either. If you can walk a Sunday walk in the hills of 15-30 km’s, you should be able to walk the West Highland Way. The first half of the West Highland Way … Read more

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Packing For Long Distance Walking

Walking the West Highland Way is not the time to break in new boots, make sure your boots are well broken in and comfortable in all conditions, hot and cold weather, wet and dry. The worst things when walking is sore feet, blisters and being wet. You do not have to spend a lot of … Read more

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