6 Easy Walking Routes in Scotland’s Castle and Whisky Country

River Dee Aberdeen

Enjoy a fabulous combination of coastal, city and inland walks, the latter in Royal territory. Aberdeenshire has a pleasing mix of stunning natural beauty and culturally rich attractions where you can enjoy an invigorating walk as well as visiting a magnificent castle or two and include a visit to one of the many Speyside whisky distilleries. There … Read more

Camping Holidays In West Lothian

River Dee Aberdeen

A charming county overflowing with history, art, and beautiful countryside, West Lothian is the perfect spot for a camping holiday. Situated on the border of Scotland’s capital city, West Lothian is an ideal site for campers, offering a variety of activities. Whether it’s a day in the bustling city, a walk across Scotland’s enchanting highlands, … Read more

The Scottish Highland for Skiing

Skiing is the most popular winter sport and there are plenty of countries in Europe which offer fantastic ski resorts. If it is a good snow year then Scotland is a great place for a ski holiday, so you are not disappointed by turning up and finding out there hasn’t been enough snow to ski, you could … Read more

How was the Isle of Skye Formed?

How was the Isle of Skye Formed? 3

A misty, mountainous Scottish isle is famed for its coastal cliffs and its magnificently varied landscape. The Isle of Skye, the largest of the Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland, is a mecca for both mountain climbers and geologists. Climbers are attracted by an array of some of the most spectacular and challenging peaks … Read more

A Walk Up Ben Nevis

A Walk Up Ben Nevis 4

I walked up Ben Nevis on a glorious day in late May.  There was still snow on the top, but the sky was clear and blue.  We were lucky, most who get to the top of Ben Nevis don’t get a chance to see much as most of the year it is mist covered. It … Read more

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Accommodation for the WHW

If you want your Bed & Breakfast, Campsite, or Hostel listed here with photo, phone no, email, and website link please fill the form on the contact page – it is a free listing for all providers of accommodation for walkers. There is a fair choice of places to stay along the West Highland Way. The type … Read more

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West Highland Way Maps

These maps are provided curtsey of Ordnance Survey Maps in the UK. You can visit their site here at Ordnance Survey. These maps are crown copyright and should not be used without reading the terms and condition which are available on their web site. You are, however, free to use them for your own personal … Read more

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The West Highland Way Book List

This is the one book that I would recomend. The detail in the book is great, and it is small and light, always a must on long distance walks like the West Highland Way. West Highland Way: Glasgow to Fort William (British Walking Guide S.) (Paperback) by Charlie Loram Synopsis Includes ten town plans and … Read more

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A Short Guide to Glasgow

A Short Guide to Glasgow 5

One of the great advantages of the West Highland Way is the start of it is so close to Glasgow. Most people when they consider traveling to Scotland, don’t automatically think of Glasgow, normally Edinburgh. Now I will not take away from Edinburgh, it is a very pretty city. But Glasgow has heart. Glasgow nearly … Read more

Scottish Midges and Drovers Roads

Midges are small, two-winged flying insects, they love Scotland and walkers on the West Highland Way, they can smell your sweat! Midges are a subgroup of gnats, and comprise several families of Diptera, including especially the Chironomidae, or non-biting midges, and the Ceratopogonidae or biting midges. Biting midges fly in swarms (big huge swarms, that … Read more