A Wet Long Weekend in Connemara

We both need a good long holiday.  We haven’t really taken the time for one this year and one of the consequences is that we are getting a bit tired a lot of the time.  So my bright idea last week was to get away for the long weekend to Connemara.

We have been to Connemara before and there is something about us and that side of the country – it rains – it rains a good deal.  The last time we went we rented a cottage for the weekend and spent most of the weekend reading as the rain didn’t stop at all.

The time before was nowhere as bad – but we still had more than our fair share.

So going on previous experiences you think I would be expecting rain and be prepared for it.  Well prepared for it I am, as I walk in Ireland quite a bit and the raingear is always with me – but I had it in my head that I would be out walking for two of the three days.  It didn’t happen.

One day of a bit of walking and another touring round the area where they only speak Irish and only have the road sings in Irish – it is one very depressing place.  Firstly I though it a bit rude not having the road signs in English – you can travel all round this country and the road signs are in Irish and English – but this one little bit takes away the language that most of the country speaks and almost 100% of the tourists.

It is a barren desolate place, the area stretches from near Westport to just about Galway and it is just a ribbon of land between the mountains and the sea, the kind of place that God forgot to make fertile.  The only thing that can survive is sheep and a few cows, and this is where the middle classes send their kids to brush up on their Irish and be bored to tears.

It was good to get back to Dublin.

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